Sarah Stevens - Before Sarah Stevens - After  

title-arrowSarah Stevens

At 39 I dare to say I wasn't in any shape to leave the house. I’m a proud mother of two and my "excuse" has always been "still carrying some of that baby weight". The problem with that statement is my children are 3 and 5 now. So I decided 6 months ago to join Platinum Family Fitness. Immediately after joining I was able to do a fitness consultation with the Health Centre Manger and the primary goal of that consultation was to ensure that I had the proper knowledge necessary to achieve my ultimate health and fitness goals.


Being overweight, even by as little as 10-15/lbs, according to my doctor, places severe strain on your bones, joints, and your internal organs. People who are 20-25/lbs overweight are even at a much higher risk of developing hypertension, sleep apnea, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoarthritis and stroke. I was over 50lbs my ideal weight and had over 42% body fat. The problem was I had never done this and felt very intimidated working out on equipment I didn’t know how to use and more so that that I honestly did not know how to train properly.


So I took the advice from the Health Centre Manager and signed up to work with a personal trainer 3x per week. I also started attending classes on a regular basis to help improve my cardio. In the first 12 weeks I lost almost 30lbs! I felt incredible, I was able to do things with my body that I haven't done in years, my self confidence was through the roof. Even my Husband loved it as I was able to wear my sexy clothes again and go on date nights!


Today I have lost a total of 57lbs and am down to 21% body fat! I still train with my personal trainers here at Platinum Fitness on a regular basis and have learned a great deal as they continue to instruct me and makes changes in my program on a weekly basis.


I am forever grateful for what Platinum Family Fitness and my team of personal trainers have done for me!


Sarah Stevens ... hot mummy of 2! LOL!


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Morgan Holdway - Before Morgan Holdway - After  

title-arrowMorgan Holdway

Hi, I’m Morgan. I started working out at Platinum Family Fitness in April of this year and from the moment I walked through the front entrance, I realized that it was the right place for me.


Enthusiastic personal trainers greeted me and showed me the wide variety of state-of-the-art equipment. The trainer I hired was an experienced weightlifter who knew from day one what goals I wanted to achieve and how to assist me in accomplishing them.


I went from being 178 pounds to 208 pounds in less than 8 months due to intense training sessions, a clean diet set up by my trainer, and the willingness to pursue my goals.


The benevolent atmosphere always makes me feel comfortable and energized to get back into the gym every time I leave!


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