COVID19 - Official Statement

UPDATE - 05/04/2020 

Since our last update we have all been patiently awaiting the much needed announcement enabling us to safely bring you back to Platinum Family Fitness/Courtice CrossFit. We have taken this opportunity to organize and renovate our space to make better our members'  experience. These changes will include; new equipment, more room, safer lifting space and simple reminders to always use common sense and good hygienic practices before, during and after your workouts. As we wait patiently for the Governments' announcement we anticipate new guidelines for the safe return to a new normal. We have positive beliefs and thus encourage all members to get ready to come back hopefully really soon! We will be in touch via email, so please make sure you have subscribed to our newsletter. All subscribers will immediately be the first to know when the Re Grand Opening 2020 day will be. Thank You for your patience & support, we miss seeing all of you. Stay Safe.

UPDATE -  03/24/2020

In the Provinces most recent update to businesses, concerning the Covid-19 pandemic, The Premier has now ordered all non-essential businesses and at-risk workplaces to close by 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, March 24th. This new updated legislation is clear, direct and inclusive. Platinum Family Fitness, has and will always comply with the requirements by law, posted by the Province & The Ministry of Health. We will temporarily close tonight at 10 pm to ensure the compliance of the order and to provide patrons and workers the opportunity to conclude the day. This temporary Provincial closure will be in effect for 14 days with the possibility of an extension of this order as the situation evolves. 

In this time of uncertainty, in order to help reduce the financial burden to our members, Platinum Family Fitness has made the important decision to temporarily suspend all pre-authorized payments for memberships, as of last Friday. Furthermore any paid-in-full memberships will be placed on hold effective immediately and expiry dates will be extended accordingly upon reopening. 

We committed and remained open (while complying with strict Public Health guidance rules & regulations) to service the needs of our members' mental health, well being and freedom of choice "to stay healthy through exercise." For those whom do not share this similar strong belief of importance, we understand, it is a personal choice!. Our community of members is diverse and also inclusive of Police, Fire, EMS, etc, whom all rely on their regular routines of exercise to stay focused throughout these stressful times. No laws were broken and all guidance measures (equal to any other business which remained open) were followed and maintained, to protect members within and the community abroad. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they become available. Yours in health, please be safe.

UPDATE - 03/22/2020

Platinum Family Fitness has been in contact and monitoring the requirements by law, posted by the Provincial Ministry of Health, relating to the guidance procedures for Covid-19. We are aware of the standards required for us to maintain the up-most possible safety for our clients and workers during operations in this unprecedented time of uncertainty. 

We are fulfilling and complying with all current legislation to the letter of the law and will govern our self accordingly to any new legislation passed. Since, March 12, all kids’ classes were suspended including group fitness classes and also our separate CrossFit program. We have reduced our hours and as added precautionary measure(s), we are maintaining these standards below, round the clock, over and above the minimum requirements set forth by the Ministry.

COVID-19 Guidance



• If you feel sick, suspect you are sick or have any ill symptoms of any kind.

• If you have recently traveled outside of Canada within the last (2) weeks.


• Adhere to our, under 50 patrons at a time, policy.

Disinfect your hands before & after you leave.

Wash your hands with soap & hot water for min 20 sec, before & after each workout or trip to the washroom.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.

• Maintain 2m/ 6 ft social distancing.

Avoid using machines side by side.

Disinfect your equipment before & after each use.

• Follow all other Gym rules and your own common sense.

We care about our community, both within and outside of our gym. We are fulfilling our commitment to; service and make available to our clients (whom wish to attend or not); enforce these strict rules; and abide by operational guidelines set in place by law, until such time as the Province changes the Law, (or further notice). Please respect our patron’s “freedom of choice,” as you would expect yours to be. 

Thank you, Platinum Family Fitness